The Digilanti STEP model

STEP by STEP: COVID-19 Exit Audit

The initial stage of any Digilanti engagement will commence with an Audit – the first stage in the Digilanti STEP model.

Responding to the impact of COVID-19 will pose many challenges, from how to continue delivering the required level of service through different ways of working with a reducing budget, how to prioritise and continue the many operationally dependant  transformation programmes, through to the need to consider the cost of everything from the IT and technologies used, to buildings, work spaces and what external support is required.

What we will do

Utilising our adaptive STEP model, the first stage will encompass a comprehensive Audit. We will complete this through an appropriate approach for you, using a number of simple and repeatable methods, interviews, questionnaires and facilitated working sessions. These will be with an agreed set of key internal stakeholders such as senior leadership teams, front line operational and back office staff. The agreed approach will be sensitive to the current working restrictions whilst still providing a rapid assessment of your internal strengths and weaknesses.

The data collected will then allow us to assess your organisation’s current status – which would include a review of your technical capabilities, your teams and the skills required now and planned in the future, as well as an initial assessment of your supply chain and how many of your enabling services are being delivered.  Depending upon your need, this could also look at the impact of the services provided to your key stakeholders and build a view of the value they derive from them.

Throughout this assessment we consider the impact of macro and micro factors affecting the market now and in the future – thus in a post COVID-19 environment we can start to guide and recommend practical and achievable changes that you can ensure you are best prepared.

Additionally we will align and build on past experience to highlight lessons learnt, where specific interventions have helped, such as when dealing with increasing, adapting and enhancing skills within the workforce.  One example was increasing the team’s ability to, at pace, bring complementary external subject matter experts to build the capability within the teams prior to training and developmental programmes being implemented.  This at a time where the threat actors will not stop, and will continue to exploit the situation and develop more innovative approaches to achieve their ultimate goals.

Some of the key themes:

  1. Place people first

In these unprecedented times personnel are having to adapt extremely quickly to a rapidly evolving environment, and the pace of change is unlikely to let up soon. With the societal pressures that the pandemic has brought with it – whether this is social distancing measures, the threat from organised crime or even the potential for social unrest – the pressures being put on all staff is and will continue to be acute.

Through our audit process we will look to start to identify areas where day-to-day operations may be adjusted through internal governance and where innovations could be rapidly deployed. For example, utilising in-ear IoT technology that could provide state of the art communications as well as taking a real-time regular core body temperature reading for early viral indicators, additionally targeted training may be used to help in the re-skilling in key operational areas.

  1. Get the most value from your existing supply contracts.

An area that is always key for any organisation is to ensure it is getting the maximum value from its existing commercial agreements, such as the supply of enabling IT systems and services. Given the inevitable fiscal pressures that are just around the corner it is imperative that any existing supply contracts are correctly geared up to deliver the most value for any organisation and the services it provides. Given our extensive experience of working with and negotiating large scale supply agreements as well as our general market knowledge, we can help highlight areas within agreements that provide the most value, and those that could change so they provide as much benefit as possible to your organisation and your people.

  1. Horizon scanning for new innovations

As we complete our audit process we will be able to look out into the market place and provide insights into emerging technologies and innovations that may be able to provide some quick wins for you – saving precious budget and helping to support your teams to deliver their services as efficiently as possible. We have seen examples where a SaaS based Artificial Intelligence solution could be deployed, that could pick up on open source social media to gauge public sentiment to certain enforcement measures and the necessary consent that these measures may or may not be garnering. Or the ability to utilise IoT and data analytics to heat-map social distancing or clustering so staff may be deployed effectively – to name but a couple of examples.

We have also seen a combination of all three as we consider the provision of supplementary Open Source services that reduce the need to procure specific technical solutions and accesses, while also enhancing teams capabilities in using additional information and then working with the supplier to keep abreast and top of the technical advances.

There needs to be a new approach for a new world

Now, more than ever, we need to think and act differently to deal with the enormity of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought with it. Digilanti’s STEP model, with our initial Audit phase, will help to show areas where real improvements could be rapidly brought to bear for Law Enforcement, Defence, and National Security organisations – honed from decades of experience in largescale transformation programmes. With staff and budgets under such huge pressure we will help to provide a clear path forward for your organisation.

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